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    Just 35 Thoughtful Gifts For Anyone Who Is Obsessed With Their S.O.

    Give the one you love something they will love.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double-check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!)

    1. An adorable mushroom beanie you just may have to get two of so you can match like the true dorks you are.

    two models wearing the beanie with a Parks Project logo on the front

    2. A monthly Unplugged Book Box to help your S.O. get a break from news cycles and social media, and plug into a good book and some self-care instead.

    an unplugged box with various items such as candles, a sleep mask, and a novel

    3. A deep-sea fish book light so the one you love can stay up reading the new book they can't put down.

    a lavender-colored book light shaped like an anglerfish

    4. A customizable wallet so they can have a practical gift featuring their favorite photo of the two of you on it.

    a leather wallet with a photo of a couple engraved on it

    5. An Instax 9 instant camera perfect for your babe with a penchant for photography.

    the instant camera in a square-like shape with a large lense in bright blue

    6. An incredible weighted blanket thousands of people swear by for helping with anxiety, stress, and nightmares because everyone is their best self with plenty of sleep! And anyone who can gift that is a true angel.

    the weighted blanket on a bed

    7. A Home Chef subscription to serve up oven-ready meal kits, slow-cooker options, fresh salads, and more, so your S.O. can enjoy more fresh dinners and less frozen pizza.

    meatballs with peas, potatoes and gravy

    8. And a Purple Carrot subscription for any plant-based babes out there who love to cook! They'll get plenty of fresh and tasty ingredients and corresponding recipes that'll cook up in no time.

    an avocado black bean melt sandwich

    9. A Tommy Breeze hat with a gorgeous, handmade cypress patch to add to their prized hat collection and remind them of their happy place out in nature. Plus you'll be supporting an artist who was recently affected by the California wildfires with your purchase.

    10. A mesmerizing sand art sculpture that'll help them spend hours relaxing and enjoying sand art in their down time.

    the circular sculpture with white, purple, and tan sand in it and a black base

    11. A one-shouldered pullover they just may wear well into spring. It's soft and oversized for ultra-cozy vibes.

    12. A hot-chocolate-on-a-stick set so you'll have rich hot cocoa to enjoy together on your next snow day!

    the hot chocolate stick set and a stick melting into a cup of cocoa

    13. A pair of long-distance touch bracelets that'll light up and vibrate when you or your S.O. touch the bracelet, so you can *feel* when you're thinking of each other on a whole new level.

    14. An acrylic monogrammed necklace you can customize so your S.O. will want to wear it every day.

    three different sized monograms in circles in brown, beige, and white

    15. A portable light therapy lamp that just may help your S.O. have more energy and an even mood as we enter into a season of less sunlight. It delivers up to 10,000 lux (light measurement) with each use.

    the square light

    16. A monthly FaceTory subscription to ensure the one you love always has new masks to try and pamper themselves with.

    17. A one-line-a-day journal where you write one line a day for five years, so they can build a time-capsule filled with memories to reflect on.

    the pink, white, blue, and yellow one line a day journal

    18. A Crated with Love subscription that sends out precious, pre-curated date night activities and games for you and your partner to have some fun!

    19. A trans* pride pretty boy T-shirt that'll make them smile from ear to ear.

    the blue t-shirt with the words "pretty boy" in white and pink lettering across the center

    20. A Rosetta Stone subscription to help your baby (or the both of you!) learn a new langauge.

    the Rosetta Stone app on a phone next to a cup of popcorn

    21. A zodiac trinket box with your partner's sign and characteristics engraved on the inside so they can keep track of their earrings and jewlery in a personal way.

    22. And a personalized coin purse you can put your partner's inital's and star sign on so they feel loved every time they go to look for change!

    a model holding the coin purse with a constellation on it

    23. A retro and movie-inspired hotel keychain you can choose to go along with their favorite fictional TV-and-movie locations — such as Shady Pines, the Grand Budapest Hotel, and Shrute Farms. Plus on the back, there's a famous line from the show/movie!

    24. A set of jumbo bath bombs because the gift of aromatherpay, relaxation, and hydrated skin is a gift they deserve.

    25. A cozy "gender roles are dead" crew neck sweater you will probably end up stealing.

    a model wearing the green sweater

    26. A deck of Dream Decoder cards and a dream journal for anyone whose S.O. is always having the wildest dreams.

    27. A simple but beautiful wood print so you can get their favorite photo or memory printed on a wooden plaque to hang up at home.

    photos printed on wood

    28. An everyday eyeshadow palette reviewers swear by for dramatic smokey eyes, easy blending, cool and warm colors, and everything else your S.O. may be looking for in a good palette!

    29. A cold brew carafe so you can move coffee and tea dates to their place and spend that latte money on something else.

    a person pouring coffee from the carafe into a glass with ice

    30. A set of pinky promise rings that are so darn cute, your S.O. will probably cry when they open your gift.

    a black and metal ring with two hands pinky promising engraved on it

    31. A Himalayan salt massage ball they can heat up in the microwave or freeze in the freezer in anticipation of a lovely massage from you.

    the orange-tinged ball

    32. An 8x8 trans* werewolf print worthy of hanging on their wall.

    a print of a trans* werewolf wearing earrings, a they/them pin, a t4t pin, and a disabled trans* pride pin

    33. A durable and versatile titanium mug that keeps drinks so hot, there's a special spot to sip from! This is an ideal mug for anyone who spends a lot of time in the great outdoors or anyone who wants a minimalist mug for home.

    a model holding the mug in the forest

    34. A personalized spa gift box for anyone whose S.O. lives for all things loofah, candles, and bath time.

    a candle, loofah, bath bomb, and box of matches in the box

    35. And a ~pawsitively~ adorable cat night-light to add cute and pure vibes to your significant other's bedroom.

    a round, cat-like night light

    Me and my wallet preparing for all the gifts I want to buy my partner this year:

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