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    28 Products With Before-And-After Photos That Might Convert Your Inner Skeptic

    The results are in, and they are astonishing.

    1. A pack of Crest 3D whitening strips that'll help you go from coffee-stained teeth to pearly whites in a number of weeks!

    2. A set of Avarelle acne cover patches so you can get the gunk out of your face, heal breakouts, and get satisfying before and after shots of your lovely face.

    3. A stainless steel cleaner ready to make your fridge, dishwasher, and oven shine like new. It'll get rid of fingerprints and give you a streak-free finish.

    4. A pumice cleaning stone that'll get rid of hard-water stains so the toilet actually comes out clean the next time you scrub it.

    a before and after of a dirty to clean toilet bowl

    5. A vitamin C serum designed to moisturize, heal sun damage, and give you a more even skin tone.

    a before and after of a person's face looking brighrer after using the serum

    6. A squeegee broom for ridding your home of pet hair once and for all. It works just as well on carpet as it does on tile!

    An image showing how much hair has been swept up

    7. A tea bag organizer that'll free up lots of counter space and make your tea time a stress-free experience.

    8. A portable bug bite suction tool to take the itch and swell out of bug bites so you can move on with your life without all the discomfort.

    9. A bottle of hair-building fibers so you can make thinning parts of your hair look thick and full instantly. These Keratin-packed fibers intertwine with your existing hair to help cover your scalp and make your strands appear thicker.

    A reviewer's before and after photo of them using the hair-building fibers to cover some bald spots

    10. A bottle of curl cream-gel that'll help your curls retain their moisture so that they hold their shape like never before!

    A before and after photo showing more defined curls after using the product

    11. A pet hair remover roller to make the couch look like it's *not* the cat's favorite place to nap.

    12. O'Keefe's Working Hands cream for anyone who has dry, cracked, over-worked or over-washed hands in need of some serious TLC. Say goodbye to crusty fingers and calloused palms!

    13. A fabric defuzzer that just may save you from having to buy a new couch, with before and after results like these!

    Before photo of a couch leg that's pilling and an after photo of the same couch, which now looks brand new after using the shaver

    14. A set of bedsheet suspenders to keep your fitted sheet from dragging on the floor or coming off the corners of your mattress every night.

    a before and after of the suspenders locking down a bed sheet

    15. A bottle of Burt's Bees sunburn lotion because the pain of a bad sunburn and the damage it can do to your skin is no joke — reviewers say this miracle worker helps heal and prevents the dreaded sun burn skin peel.

    a before and after of a person's back becoming less red from a sunburn

    16. A bottle of nonabrasive, pre-mixed Bar Keepers Friend cleanser you'll want to rub on nearly everything in your house for a serious "like-new" shine.

    Two candle sticks side by side; one having been treated with the product and looking brand new and the other still rusted over

    17. A bottle of Pura D'or anti-thinning shampoo formulated with argan oil and biotin to give thinning hair the nourishment and support it needs to possibly grow in nice and thick. I am battling hair loss from a recent concussion and need to give this a try 👀.

    18. A suede and leather brush cleaner so you can ensure the money spent on your leather/suede shoes was worth it — just brush this product on and they'll look as good as the day you bought them!

    19. A set of Affresh dishwasher cleaning tablets that'll be there for you when it feels like the stinky dishwasher is making your dishes well, dirtier rather than clean. These tablets will take the funk right out of your dishwasher.

    20. A stick jewelry cleaner you'll use to polish up all your rings, gems, and favorite pieces of jewelry.

    21. A set of microfiber makeup remover cloths designed to take a full face of makeup off with just water! Don't be like me and stain your pillowcases with mascara because you were too sleepy to deal with getting it off — these clothes make it easy!

    a reviewer using the product to remove makeup

    22. A double-sided edge brush for gently laying down and shaping your edges. Reviewers swear by it working better than a toothbrush could ever dream of.

    23. A hair-finishing stick so you can tame fly-aways and look put-together in no time at all.

    24. A pack of 50 velvet hangers that'll take up less space in your closet and hold the shape of your clothes far better than their plastic counterparts.

    25. A pair of moisturizing gel heel sleeves to bring some much-needed healing to cracked and blistered heels. Just wear them overnight and check out the smooth results in the morning!

    26. A bottle of CND Essentials nail and cuticle oil to help you soothe and nourish dry and cracked cuticles.

    a before and after of broken nails next to healthier looking nails

    27. A foaming carpet shampoo that'll clean everything from car seats to carpet to the stains in your clothes.

    28. And a portable dog paw cleaner so your pup can get in on the before and after fun, not to mention this product will stop muddy messes ~in their tracks~ before your floors suffer the consequence!

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