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    38 Amazing Gifts Brought To You By Queer And Trans Folks

    Queer and trans-owned gifts that'll make their gay little heart sing — we're talking nonbinary Furby pins, packers, a queer Loteria card game, gender neutral baby books, and more 🏳️‍🌈.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    What a year! The holidays are finally here! And while we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time, shipping times are especially tricky this year, so we suggest shopping as early as you can.

    Stock and shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. So order earlier than you think you need to and be sure to double-check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for when you need it.

    1. A Trans Is Beautiful mug to adorn the coffee table of your bestie, partner, gf, bf, kiddo, chosen family member, parent, sibling, cousin, friend, nonbinary loved one, or t4t sweetie, and give them a little bit of joy as they sip from it each morning.

    a white trans is beautiful mug with black lettering surrounded by doughnuts

    2. A Universal liner they can use as an eyeliner, lip liner, eyeshadow, or face liner — *and* a Universal gloss to highlight their cheekbones or jawline, add dazzle to their eyelids, or give them an overall dewy, iridescent glow. These makeup products are vegan, queer-owned, and made to pop on all skin tones!

    3. A cute lil' rainbow beanie that belongs in every gay's stocking — make it happen, people.

    yellow, red orange, green, purple, and blue hates embroidered with a rainbow

    4. A They/Them sweater and a Protect Trans Kids sweater that'll make your giftee feel snuggly and loved. A part of the proceeds from each sweater is donated to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute.

    5. A Femmes Can Be Thems magnet for all my fellow nonbinary femmes out there who deserve to feel seen and have their pronouns respected AT ALL TIMES. Put one in every stocking.

    the "Femmes can be Thems" magnet on a purple heart on a fridge

    6. A QPOC pride pin and an aromantic pride pin ideal for donning on the lapel of their favorite jacket.

    7. A "talk about mental health" crew neck the neurodivergent queer in your life will wear and feel snuggly and loved 🥰.

    model wearing the white crew neck sweat shirt that says "talk about mental health" in rainbow letting

    8. A gender-neutral baby record book ideal for anyone who is welcoming home a baby and in need of a precious way to keepsake memories and milestones.

    the white and blue checkered baby record book

    9. A trans pride riot shirt in honor of Marsha P. and all of our ancestors who fought for trans rights. You can let your giftee know that part of the proceeds give back to queer and trans youth.

    a model wearing the T-shirt with a blue, pink, and white fist surrounded by the words "the first pride was a riot"

    10. And a "WOC are the backbone of America" T-shirt that's also from A Tribe Called Queer to empower your giftee and make sure they have plenty of shirts in their wardrobe that are winners.

    a model wearing the shirt

    11. A swimsuit that will be a more liberating option for all bodies when it comes time to head to the beach or pool party this summer.

    12. An enamel Daddy pin that's serving femme daddy energy if you ask me, and what a wonderful gift that is.

    the Daddy pin with golden lettering and pink roses

    13. A handmade Pride candle you can trust was made with love by another queer person, so that's double the love for your LGBTQIA+ giftee 💛🤍💜🖤 💖💛💙.

    pansexual, bisexual, rainbow, and trans pride colored candles in two sizes

    14. A genderflux beehive pillow or nonbinary bees pillow certain to become the ~bee knees~ of their couch.

    15. A “Butch Please” keychain and an array of packers, STPs, and strokers to stuff the stocking of your darling in one of the most wonderful ways one can.

    16. Or, if you're shopping on a budget, Rodeoh offers package deals on packing underwear (with a built-in interior pocket) and packers for under $30. These offer an easy way to pack, and the gender euphoria these bring some trans and nb folks is something the world needs more of.

    a pair of gray packer underwear with two packers of different skin tones

    17. A nonbinary iron-on patch your giftee can put on a T-shirt, hat, jacket, or backpack, or a delightful sleeping nonbinary Furby sticker that'll look adorable on a notebook or computer.

    18. A "Frog and Toad Are Gay" shirt ideal for any gay on a mission to spread the truth we've all known deep in our hearts since reading Frog and Toad as young queer angels.

    a model wearing the tan shirt that reads "Frog and Toad are gay" with a heart-shaped image of Frog and Toad in the center

    19. A Decolonizing Fitness muscle tank that'll help them power through workouts, yoga sessions, and hikes.

    a model wearing the muscle tank and flexing their arms

    20. A nude binder made by trans people, for trans people, bc the nb/trans/gnc angel in your life deserves a comfy, breathable, and inclusive binder. I had one of these that's been passed on 💕 and it was by far the best binder I've ever owned!

    21. A pair of tie-dye pride workout shorts that I once again encourage you to buy one for yourself and one for your bestie so y'all can lounge, skate, or work out together in style.

    neon rainbow, trans, and nonbinary shorts

    22. A transmasc deluxe pump that comes with three different sizes of cylinders so you can give your partner, boyfriend, or significant other (*or* friend you talk all things bottom growth with) a toy that'll grow with them. And FYI, this toy will cause temporary enlargement and increased sensitivity for folks regardless of whether or not they're on T!

    the trans pump with three different sized cylinders and a trans model on the box

    23. A lapel pin, because every denim jacket is sentient and wants to be adorned with depictions of queer lovemaking — it's canon.

    24. A trans cat or bisexual cat trinket that just may be the most precious stocking stuffer they ever receive.

    25. A pride flag made by a queer angel who makes hard-to-find flags (including genderfloren pride flag, Lunarian pride flag, and many many more!), because everyone deserves to be seen and hang their flag up in their room or bring it to a protest.

    26. A merperson print that'll be a thoughtful gift for the nonbinary qt in your life, or make your partner with recent top surgery scars feel seen.

    two transmasc merpeople embracing in a wave

    27. A queer version of LoterĂ­a so their next pride party is a huge hit and tons of fun, as always!

    the Loteria Board Game

    28. A pair of gender-neutral outer-space undies THAT GLOW IN THE DARK for anyone who didn't know they absolutely need glowing space undies until...well, now. The heart wants what it wants!

    29. And a gender-neutral harness that's plaid *and* super cozy and comfy to wear. If you're partner/S.O. has been dropping hints that all those buckles in the bedroom are just *too* darn much (fair), this is the one, bby!

    the red and black plaid boxer harness with an o-ring in the center

    30. A pin for your bestie who just came out as nonbinary and you’d love to make their day (and their jacket) that much better!

    31. A Polaroid horror sticker set that might make any queers who have Halloween-on-Christmas vibes weep with joy 😭.

    two Polaroid stickers of Ghostface and Michael Meyers