The 7 Stages Of Molly McAdams

A guide for optimum consumption of Deceiving Lies and Forgiving Lies.

1. Addiction

You start Forgiving Lies, and make this face a lot:

2. Joy

Oh thank goodness—looks like everything will be okay. #KashandRachel4ever. Enough said.

3. Betrayal

Cliffhanger. Molly McAdams reveals her secret talent for making you “ugly cry” like no other.

4. Renewal

YAY! Deceiving Lies is here! Time to find out what’s going on with your book boyfriend!

5. Anger

Why Molly gotta go putting her characters through hell like that?!

6. Disloyalty

Love triangles make us all do and feel things we’re not proud of…

7. Resolution

You laughed. You cried. You probably ate your way through an entire bag of Sour Patch kids (only the green ones), as well as a stack of pancakes … but you know that everything will be okay.

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