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17 Essential Things To Learn How To Do

Here is a list of seventeen totally essential and important things everyone should know how to do.

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1. How to Write a Sentence

New York Times columnist and world-class professor Stanley Fish has long been an aficionado of language. Drawing on a wide range of great writers, from Philip Roth to Antonin Scalia to Jane Austen and beyond, How to Write a Sentence is much more than a writing manual—it is a penetrating exploration into the art and craft of sentences.

2. How to Talk to Your Cat

Find out what your cat is really saying -- and talk back! In How to Talk to Your Cat, Jean Craighead George, Newbery Medal-winning author of over 80 books about nature and animals, demonstrates in words and photos how to communicate with that ever-mysterious, ever-lovable animal -- the cat.

3. How to Talk to Girls

Are you smart enough to take over a girl's heart? Leave it to a nine-year-old to get down to the basics about how to win victory with a girl. Alec Greven's How to Talk to Girls is for boys of all ages—from eight to eighty—and the girls they like.

4. How to Talk So People Listen

At a time when it's harder than ever to get and keep people's attention, we could all use some help. In How to Talk So People Listen, Sonya Hamlin, arguably America's leading communication expert, shows us how to successfully capture people's attention so that they listen, understand, and are persuaded by your message.

5. How to Be Black

The Onion’s Baratunde Thurston shares his 30-plus years of expertise in being black, with helpful essays like “How to Be the Black Friend,” “How to Speak for All Black People,” “How To Celebrate Black History Month,” and more, in How to Be Black, a satirical guide to race issues—written for black people and those who love them.

9. How to Be a Grown Up

In How to Be a Grown Up, Stacy Kaiser, the renowned psychotherapist from Celebrity Fit Club and The Lifetime Channel’s DietTribe, reveals the ten critical areas that impact our success, happiness, and fulfillment. In the vein of the books of Dr. Laura, Cheryl Richardson, and Dr. Phil, How to Be a Grown Up is an effective blueprint for realizing your own best potential.

11. How to Eat Like a Hot Chick

In How to Eat Like a Hot Chick, Jodi Lipper and Cerina Vincent teach you how to eat the foods you love with confidence, make smarter choices, and wake up your inner Hot Chick once and for all. It's time to end the vicious dieting cycle with this straightforward and hilarious guide to enjoying your food, embracing your body and celebrating yourself like only a true Hot Chick can.

12. How to Love Wine

In How to Love Wine, Eric Asimov examines why the American wine culture produces such feelings of anxiety and suggests how readers can overcome their fears and develop a sense of discovery and wonder as they explore the diversity and complexity of the world of wine. Thought-provoking and enjoyable, How to Love Wine will help diminish readers' anxiety, bolster their confidence, and transform them into true wine lovers.

13. How to Archer

In How to Archer, Sterling Archer, the world's greatest secret agent, teaches you what to wear; what to drink; how to seduce women (and, when necessary, men); how to beat up men (and, when necessary, women); how to tell the difference between call girls and hookers (hint: when they’re dead, they’re just hookers) and everything about weapons, secret devices, lying ex-girlfriends, and turtlenecks.

14. How to Catch a Pig

Way back before man abandoned the woods for the cities—and traded his hunting rifle for a BlackBerry—he had to know how to do certain things to survive. He had to trap and build and grow things, using his calloused hands and valuable knowledge passed down through the generations. For most men today, these once-cherished skills are as dead as the dodo. Now with Denis Boyles' How to Catch a Pig, guys can reconnect with those less-complicated times, rediscover how to embrace adventure, and appreciate the outdoor life.

15. How to Be a Woman

Throughout How to Be a Woman, Caitlin Moran interweaves provocative observations on women's lives with laugh-out-loud funny scenes from her own, from the riot of adolescence to her development as a writer, wife, and mother. With rapier wit, Moran slices right to the truth—whether it's about the workplace, strip clubs, love, fat, abortion, popular entertainment, or children—to jump-start a new conversation about feminism.

16. How to Read Literature Like a Professor

In this practical and amusing guide to literature, Thomas C. Foster shows how easy and gratifying it is to unlock the hidden deeper meanings of a literary text. Ranging from major themes to literary models, narrative devices, and form, How to Read Literature Like a Professor is the perfect companion for making your reading experience more enriching, satisfying, and fun.

17. How to Do Everything and Be Happy

Peter Jones' How to Do Everything and Be Happy is a step-by-step, straight-talking guide to creating happiness in your life. Filled with surprisingly easy tips and advice, this is a book for ordinary people who want to lead happier, more fulfilling lives.