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9 Crazy-True Stories Of Tom Robbins' Life

Internationally bestselling novelist and American icon Tom Robbins is a literary legend. Here are nine crazy-true stories of his wild life and times from Tibetan Peach Pie.

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2. "I was a tick past forty on the Halloween when three friends and I ingested a sizable (though less than heroic) dose of so-called magic mushrooms (Psilocybe semilanceata) and set out to make credible contact with the spirit realm."

4. "I was also pumped full of happy juice. The drug's identity I do not know, but with it singing in my veins, pushing my mental pedal to the metal, I was merrily awake all night long, during which time I wrote an entire self-help book in my head."

5. "I now reported for duty to a base outside Omaha, Nebraska, where for the next twenty three months I would work three stories underground in a theoretically nuclear bombproof building, a Cold War fortress without a single window to jump out of."

Tibetan Peach Pie is an invitation into the private world of Tom Robbins' imaginative and colorful life.