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    15 Reasons Maru Is Better Than Your Cat

    Maru, the adorable Scottish Fold cat, is an international YouTube sensation. He's mischievous, he's famous, and he's totally better than your cat.

    1. He can milk cows.

    ...and ride them too.

    Onward, my noble steed!

    2. He'll tow your car when it breaks down.

    View this video on YouTube

    3. And exterminate all those household pests.

    4. Maru doesn't always drink, but when he does, he prefers tea. He is the most interesting cat in the world.

    View this video on YouTube

    5. Maru is also a yoga master.

    He calls this one "upward cat."

    6. In fact, Maru will be the best personal trainer you ever had.

    7. His zombie impression almost won an A-cat-emy Award.

    This face just screams "Best Villain."

    8. He is known for his brilliant portrayal of Catzilla.

    9. While other cats think about catnip, Maru contemplates the meaning of life.

    10. And Maru is all about protecting the environment.

    11. While studying for the MCAT.

    12. He is always on the cutting edge of fashion.

    They call him champion of the catwalk.


    13. And just look at that perfect form. That grace. Your cat doesn't even know what ballet is.

    14. Did we mention he has a black belt in karate?

    15. Maru is so great he even has a book written about him.

    If only your cat could read.

    For more Maru, check out I Am Maru!

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