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14 Statistics About Sex And Dating That Might Surprise You

Odds are you'd never expect these odds—via The Book of Odds by Amram Shapiro, Louise Firth Campbell, and Rosalind Wright.

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1. The odds of meeting your partner on a blind date are 1 in 34.5.

2. The odds a man has lied about the number of sex partners he’s had in order to protect his ego are 1 in 7.1.

3. The odds a twelfth grade male has had sex are 1 in 1.7. The odds a twelfth grade female has had sex are 1 in 1.5.

4. The odds an adult thinks it is more enjoyable to be single and dating than to be married are 1 in 5.6.

5. The odds a woman says she won’t date a man who is too short are 1 in 2.

6. 1 in 7.4 adults has had a threesome. An adult is more than twice as likely to have had a threesome as to have four older siblings.

7. In a given year, 1 in 17.5 full-time employed adults will date their boss.

8. The odds an unmarried adult looks mostly for physical appearance in a potential date are 1 in 4.6.

9. 1 in 7.1: The odds a woman 18-34 who uses social media will report having used texting as a way to break up. Men? 1 in 3.2.

10. The odds an undergraduate student has ever broken up and gotten back together with the same person are 1 in 1.6.

11. 1 in 4.5 men vs. 1 in 10 women ranks intelligence as “the most important trait” in deciding if a person is “relationship material.”

12. 1 in 12.5: The odds an email will contain pornography, also the odds a person lives in Texas.

13. The odds a woman kissed her partner on their first date are 1 in 1.9.

14. The odds a woman has paid for sex are 1 in 100—the same odds that an adult’s dream vacation is Disney World, or that an adult eats pancakes for breakfast. Men? 1 in 6.7.

For more fascinating statistics about every aspect of human life, check out The Book of Odds!

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