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13 Signs Your Cat Is Secretly A Detective

Detective Cat smells a rat.

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1. Your cat keeps asking about your whereabouts.

"Where were you the night of the red dot?"

"Where were you the night of the red dot?"

2. Your cat tails suspects ... literally.

3. Your cat wears a trench coat.

4. And a deerstalker hat.

5. Your cat smokes a pipe.


6. And sports a rather dashing mustache.


7. Your cat often wears disguises in public.

8. Your cat spends a lot of time at crime scenes.

9. And is always looking for clues.

10. Your cat doesn't like red herring very much.

11. Your cat frequently conducts investigative research online.

12. Your cat sometimes participates in high-speed car chases.

13. Your cat prefers to be called Purrlock Holmes.

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