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13 Reasons Audiobooks Are Awesome, As Told By Cats

Or should we say pawdiobooks...

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1. Hands-free reading!


2. Which means you can multi-task while taking in a great book.

3. You can read while running.

4. While cleaning the house.

5. Or while waiting in line at the grocery store.

6. You can even safely enjoy a book while driving.

7. Which means you will get through more books!

8. Listening to audiobooks never causes eye strain.

9. So it can be a very relaxing experience.

10. A narrator's voice can really make a book come alive.

11. And audiobooks narrated by the author allow you to connect with his or her interpretation of the book.


12. Audiobooks take up less space than physical books.

13. Best of all, no one can read over your shoulder.

For great audio editions of books for adults and teens, check out HarperAudio!

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