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5 Spa Treatments That Will Leave You Feeling Utterly Revitalised

In today’s day & age of fast paced living, who doesn’t crave to get away from it all? Here are some spa treatments that you can enjoy on holiday to leave you utterly revitalized, refreshed & rejuvenated!

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Thai Massage

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Putting your “back into it” is made a whole lot easier with a traditional Thai Massage that really pulls & kneads away all that pent up stress and stiffness, leading to a healthier & happier “you”.

Ayurveda Healing

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Don’t worry this is not a form of Chinese water torture! This is one of the many treatments related to Ayurveda, an ancient practice that incorporates natural products and techniques that lead to holistic healing.

Moroccan Hammam Treatment

qasralsarab.anantara / Via

For aching muscles and tiered minds, there’s nothing like a traditional Moroccan Hammam which can be found not only in Morocco, but at Abu Dhabi spa resorts too like this one at Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara. Just sit back, relax and let the soothing oils & steam do their thing!

Hot Stone Massage

Phuket Wellness Center Santosa / Via

It’s not only hands that have healing abilities, but hot stones too. This special kind of treatment sees the heat from special volcanic black stones transfer to parts of your body relieving tenseness and stiff muscles.

Chocolate & Coffee Body Wrap


While it’s true you may prefer your chocolate and coffee in edible or liquid forms, they also make a nourishing body wrap too. While they do have revitalising properties, do make sure to avoid temptation to indulge in an early dessert!

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