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10 Celebrities Who Tried Hypnosis

Hypnosis is enjoying mainstream popularity thanks to high profile individuals who have openly shared their success stories.

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10. Jenny Slate


Comedian Jenny Slate swears by hypnosis for powering through her stage fright after being fired from Saturday Night Live. Slate says that since seeing the hypnotherapist, she has been able to move on from the experience. "I went to a hypnotherapist - it sounds crazy, but it worked.”

9. Jamie-Lynn Sigler


Actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler surprised fans in 2016 when she shared that she has multiple sclerosis. The Sopranos actress says she has undergone hypnotherapy to help her come to terms with her disease. “I wanted to go in the hopes of learning how to manage it better emotionally, because I was dealing with feeling embarrassed and ashamed."

7. Florence Henderson


Florence Henderson played America's favorite mom on "The Brady Bunch." After using hypnosis to overcome stage fright, the actress pursued professional training to become a hypnotherapist herself. She reports using her training "to help loved ones cope with illness and prepare for death."

5. Ewan McGregor


A self-described "heavy smoker," Ewan McGregor found it very difficult to give up smoking until turning to hypnosis. After using the technique, he swore "If you want to give up smoking... I can guarantee it will be very, very helpful."

4. Gwen Stefani


According to The Hollywood Gossip, singer-songwriter Gwen Stefani is using alternative medicine to get pregnant. Along with acupuncture and Chinese herbs, "She's also doing hypnosis because she knows there's a huge mind-body connection and she's got a good friend that swears that helped her get pregnant in her 40's."

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