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    11 Reasons All Scientists Should Be On Twitter

    It isn't about Tweeting celebrities. Honestly....

    1. Reach out and share your science woes with people that really understand what you are talking about


    Just because you are in a lab doesn't mean you have to be alone



    2. Share your science <3 with EVERYONE


    #sciencesunday OR on any day of the week.

    3. Never, ever, miss out on the fun at a conference again


    Follow the conference hashtag to find out where the party is.

    4. Get involved even if you aren't at the conference


    Use the conference hashtag to get involved with the discussion from your desk.

    5. One day it might just land you a post-doc


    Building an active network on Twitter could lead to that next step, or the one after that.

    6. Find out about the grant announcement first


    Announcements, news and reactions break on Twitter first. Keep ahead of the game and yes, high-five yourself.

    7. Create your own community of experts


    No matter what your subject you can find other experts to help you problem solve or just discuss reactions to the latest paper.

    8. Share your work with an interested audience


    You might be surprised by how many people are interested.

    9. Find new ways of explaining what it is you have worked on for the last 5/10/15 years

    Via Twitter: @Dr_JZP


    10. Create cross-disciplinary collaborations


    Because Twitter can bring people together with common interests no-matter what discipline they are from. Who knows what it might lead to

    11. One day Neil deGrasse Tyson might Tweet you


    Because, OK YES, it is fun to speak to celebrities and it is even better when they Tweet back.

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