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13 Times The Kardashians Had Very Tiny Or Tight Halloween Outfits

Number 7 is NSFW.

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1. That time Kylie decided to call this look "Snow Princess".

E! Online / Via

2. When Kim thought "What's more practical for a pirate than stiletto boots?"

Popsugar / Via

3. And then instead said "Ahoy!"

NY Daily News / Via

4. When it wasn't safe for a little Kim to walk through these woods alone.


5. When Kylie still was somewhat innocent.

Hello! Fashion / Via

6. And then Kim decided to dress up as Wonderwoman...

Costume Models / Via

7. Kris did too. And had a nipple slip.

Answers / Via

8. That time someone should have called 911, cause this should be illegal, Khloé.


9. Even Batman would give candy to this trick or treater.

PopSugar / Via

10. That time Kim lost way too much weight....

DailyMail / Via

11. And when fabrics were so expensive that Kim went for a very minimal outfit.


12. But then Kim said: "Off with their heads!"


13. And Batman would probably approve of this one as well...

Dailymail / Via
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