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    Japanese First Lady Wants To Recover Japan’s Cannabis Culture

    Growing cannabis can be traced back to Japan's tradition.

    Japan's First Lady, Akie Abe, recently told a weekly magazine that she wants to recover Japan's Cannabis culture, which traces back to ancient time. Ms. Abe is so into the topic, she didn't only talk about it but also paid a visit to a cannabis farm earlier this year.

    安倍昭恵総理夫人が週刊スパ「大麻で町おこし」の特集記事で、"日本ではまだ認められていませんが、医療用として大いに活用出来る"と明言。 amazonのなか見!検索より。週刊スパを買おう!

    In Japan, using or possessing marijuana is illegal, even if it’s for medical purpose. Over the years, a number of celebrities are known to have got into trouble for possessing weed. Sir Paul McCartney was jailed for 9 days in Tokyo back in 1980. This September, a great grandchild of Meiji Emperor was arrested for possessing of marijuana.

    Akie Abe, the wife of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, is known for her liberal political views and enthusiasm for activism. She often publicly takes part in events that contradicts the policies of her husband's government.

    #Japan’s first lady Akie Abe joins annual #LGBT parade in Tokyo - / @Tokyo_R_Pride

    Some Twitters users jokingly said her activism may offset her husband's sliding popularity. "Legalizing marijuana will raise support rate," said a Twitter user.


    Akie Abe has stated publicly that cannabis can hold the solution to many problems, including global warming. “It is not recognized in Japan, but I think medical marijuana can be very useful,” says the first lady.