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15 Reasons Being A Makor Counselor ~Rulezzz~

Here are 15 reasons everyone wants to be a makor counselor

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1. You get to work with the cutest kids on camp!!

Makor is the youngest division on camp and the kids are anywhere from 7-10 years old! (this is my sister after she spent all of her money at state fair on glasses she never wore again and a stuffed animal she lost the next day, classic Makor).

5. We have the whole camp to ourselves for THREE DAYS!!

While the other two divisions are on their three day camping trips, Makor stays behind and rules the camp! These special days include mini camping trips, movie nights, and late wake ups!!

9. Makor campers are so easily entertained

This makes improvising during down time very easy. Tell them a story, let them paint your nails, roll a ball back and forth in the cabin, the possibilities are endless!!

10. We have the best head counselor!!!!!

Julia is my right hand man! She is in charge of programming and is another great resource for anything you may need throughout the summer!! Julia just finished her freshman year at Emory, she is from Evanston, Illinois, and this will be her 11th summer at camp!!!

11. These kids love you unconditionally

You are their role models, their care takers, their entertainers, and their best friends. Don't take this relationship for granted, because before you know it the summer's over and your countdown restarts.

14. You will learn as much from them as they will from you.

Being a camp counselor has taught me so many valuable life skills and lessons that are so important in every day life, take advantage of these memories and relationships!!

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