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28 Reasons The Labradoodle Should Be Your Next Pet

Pick me, choose me, love me.

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1. A Labradoodle is a crossbreed between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle. It's got the friendly, caring side of the Labrador and the cheeky, posh side of the Poodle.

In other words, it's the one true perfect specimen on this earth.

2. You won't have to worry about feeding them. They'll be the ones reminding you what's missing in the pantry.

"We've run out of Greenies. Think you can pick some up on the way home?"

3. They'll bring you flowers after a long day at work.

"Welcome home, honey."

4. Need to vent? Take a look at the perfect listener.

And how does that make you feel?

5. Unless you're being overly dramatic. In which case, you'll get shade from everyone in the house.


6. You'll always have someone to watch the game with.

"Only one condition: you have to rub their belly during halftime.

7. Chivalry won't be an old custom that was practiced ages ago. It exists in your Labradoodle.

"Come hither Master! I'll see you anon. Perchance with a ye olde treat?"

8. Too much work and not enough time to cook dinner? No worries! The Labradoodle has got it covered.

The secret ingredient is love.

9. You'll have your very own Beanie Baby

TY? You're Welcome.

10. They'll provide entertainment for the guests after dinner.

"You want to hear Beethoven's 5th symphony? pfftt...I was the inspiration for Beethoven's symphonies."

11. You won't have to worry about getting a cute picture of them to post on IG. They are maestros at taking selfies.


12. They know right from wrong and will punish any bad behavior that goes on in the house.

"I don't care if you rub my belly during halftime. No exceptions!"

13. They'll think about the deeper questions in life.

"I wonder what Zayn Malik is up to these days?"

14. They'll always help a pal in need.

"I've got your back, Jack."

15. They enjoy long walks on the beach.

...also listening to classical music and watching the sunset. Basically, they're the perfect date.

16. They have great taste in Literature.

And ties.

17. They know the importance of safety.

"No texting and driving in this car, officer."

18. They know a good photo op when they see one.

"Did you get my good side?"

19. They appreciate a good cheat day.

Dinner is served!

20. When a high-five is in need, you'll get one.

"High PAW!"

21. They understand the struggle of waking up with a hangover.

"The burns."

22. They'll keep your coffee addiction a secret.

So long as they receive part of the spoils.

23. They have a great work ethic.

And they do it in style.

24. They're the best babysitters in town.

And human babysitters resent them for it.

25. They know there is a time to party...

26. ...and a time to lounge and catch up on Pretty Little Liars.

P.S. They also know who A is.

27. Working out while looking flawless comes natural to them.

"I don't sweat. I glisten."

28. And they'll be your own personal superheroes.

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