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11 Stages A Girl Goes Through While Texting A Potential Suitor

Text, Obsess, and Repeat

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1. Act surprised that a guy messaged you.


"Who, me?"

2. Act suspicious of his charming behavior.


"Wait. Why, me?"

3. Find confidence in yourself.


"Oh, I know why he wants to talk to me...I'm flawless."

4. Doubt his character.

Whether you met online, through work, at a bar, or through a friend, you need him to answer "Who, What When, Where, How are you?"

5. Act excited at the possibility of a new man.

The Weinstein Company

All this flirting makes your heart flutter.

6. Regret everything you send him.

Warner Bros.

You think the last message you sent was a total and utter mistake. Where is a TARDIS machine when you need one?

7. Consult your squad and get their approval on that regretful message you last sent.


"Did I just RUIN everything by sending that wink emoticon?"

8. Get impatient when he doesn't answer you in a timely fashion and you KNOW he's seen your message.


"I see you!"

9. He finally responds, and it's not the answer you wanted.

"Really? That's all you have to say? Don't talk to me."

10. Immediately forgive his last dull message because he just called you beautiful.



11. Finally, you repeat every stage everyday that he talks to you.


Goodnight cruel world! See you again tomorrow.

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