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Things Every New Yorker Deals With For Halloween

Costumes and begging for candy isn't enough for New York

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1. When you realize you have to carry this pumpkin 6 more blocks

2. Scary costumes are no longer a thing / Via

the sluttier the better

3. Everyones goal: less is more

it doesn't matter that it is freezing I need to show as much as possible while still remaining in character.

4. The parade invades the entire village!

but its awesome... but crowded / Via

but its awesome... but crowded

5. There is a dog costume parade / Via

These dogs have better costumes than I ever will

6. Halloween in the NYC last for weeks / Via

and I like it

7. You still have to take public transportation

I've seen stranger things on the subway before / Via

I've seen stranger things on the subway before

8. The things you have to do to trick or treat / Via

show me the candy

9. The walk of shame could not be more obvious

like it isn't normally / Via

like it isn't normally

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