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Kids Go On A Journey Through Time With Amazing Women Of History

When she noticed how history class for kids basically just talk about men, one artist decided to write her own book - where women take the lead.

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One artist wrote a children's book about a little girl going on a journey through time where she meets women like scientist Marie Curie, feminist champion Emmeline Pankhurst and of course Malala Yousafzai.

No kid should go without knowing about them.

Marie Curie; incredible scientist and two time Nobel prize winner... Of course kids need to know all about her!

Hanna Petersson

Here is one of the illustrations from the book, where the little protagonist drops by Marie Curie's lab.

It is so important for girls and boys alike to see that there are role models of all genders who can inspire them to dream bigger.

There have been amazing women throughout history, and the book starts with Joan of Arc.

Hanna Petersson

History has seen so many contributions made by women, and it's time kid's know about them from an early age.

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