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    31 Things From Walmart That’ll Make Your House A Way Better Place To Live In

    Because you are home *a lot* more than you used to be.

    1. A powerful robot vacuum that can clean the floor of your home without you even having to lift a finger — my preferred way to clean anything.

    The Roomba with its phone app

    2. A 6-quart slow cooker so you can start dinner in the morning and then enjoy the delicious smell all day long.

    The slow cooker

    3. A weighted blanket that uses pressure therapy in order to help you relax. Unlike other weighted blankets, reviewers love that this one is suitable for those who run hot.

    The blanket

    4. An epic fire pit – it'll make your house the "it" spot in the neighborhood. Just be sure to also put a bag of marshmallows in your cart before checking out.

    The fire pit

    5. A cooling, gel memory foam mattress that conforms to your body so that you can experience the joy of being nestled and hugged by your bed.

    The mattress

    6. A set of ultra soft towels you can wrap yourself in after your powerful, in-shower rendition of "Mr. Brightside."

    The towels in the color cool water

    7. A proper cookware set so that you can finally stop ordering Postmates every night.

    The cookware set in the color pink

    8. A heated foot massager, because we have all earned a little R&R this year. Reviewers love that it offers five pressure settings for an experience unique to you.

    The foot massager

    9. A coffee machine that can do both! Brew a single cup of joe, or make a pot for the whole family to enjoy.

    The coffee maker

    10. A memory foam, pillowtop futon *so* comfortable that it may be hard to get rid of your guests in the morning.

    The futon in the color black faux leather

    11. An alternative down comforter that is *oh so* cozy, you will be dreaming about it all day. Reviewers love that it is suitable for both cold and warm sleepers.

    The alternative down comforter

    12. A Belgian waffle maker to make up for the fact that you had to get out of bed. This one is especially great because it only takes a matter of minutes to create a delicious waffle.

    The waffle maker

    13. A set of string lights powered by the sun. Can you say *ambience*?

    The lights

    14. A wooden desk that will make your WFH experience a whole lot better. Plus, its small, sleek design helps it to easily blend into just about any decor.

    The desk in the color rustic

    15. A proper office chair to go with your new desk, so that you can *finally* stop complaining about your back pain — especially since we all know it was caused by you slouching in bed on your laptop.

    The chair in the color black

    16. An electric kettle that boils super fast so you can be the hostess with the mostest. Unless, of course, you have a Monica Geller in your friend group...if so, then maybe you should leave the hosting to them.

    The kettle

    17. A space heater so you don't have to have yet *another* fight with your roommates over the thermostat. Reviewers love that this one is powerful yet doesn't make a lot of noise.

    The heater in black

    18. A water filter that connects directly to your faucet so that you never have to refill your Brita pitcher again. It really is the small joys in life that matter the most.

    The faucet filtration system

    19. A two-piece set of apothecary jars to hold all of those little items that always end up where they shouldn't be. I'm looking at you, hair ties.

    The jars filled with q-tips and cotton balls

    20. A two-pack of memory foam pillows that can be molded and shaped to fit your head, neck, and shoulders. One reviewer loves them so much, she says has to bring them with her when she goes on vacation.

    The pillows on a bed

    21. A motion sensor trashcan to make your life a little bit easier. Customers' favorite part? That it helps them avoid spills, stains, and messes.

    The trash can in the color black

    22. An electric griddle that will make you the hottest brunch spot in town. $16 avocado toast, anyone?

    The small electric griddle cooking meat

    23. A Nintendo Switch, because a house is not a home without a gaming system. Okay, so maybe that isn't on one of your grandma's embroidered pillows, but you get the point.

    The Nintendo Switch

    24. A video doorbell so you can have an eye on your porch no matter where you are. Reviewers love how easy it is to set up.

    The doorbell

    25. A delicious-smelling candle that will add a little ambience to your home. Choose a decadent scent like apple pumpkin or go for a more subtle option like ~fresh cut fraiser~.

    The candle in red lava citrus

    26. A diffuser that will transform your home into a magical-smelling wonderland, because who doesn't want that? Customer's love that a single tank of water can last them all night long.

    The diffuser

    27. An LED light strip – it changes colors so you can be like those cool kids on TikTok. It even comes with its very own remote for easy customization.

    The string light in 20 colors

    28. A Google Nest Mini, because if you haven't already jumped on the smart house train, then it is about time you do.

    The Google Nest Mini in the color charcoal

    29. A steamer that will keep all your linens and clothes in tip top shape. Worried about adding another item to your overflowing hall closet? Well, reviewers love that its compact design allows for easy storage.

    The steamer

    30. A super soft, heavy velvety blanket perfect for your next movie marathon. Grab the remote, pop some corn, and curl up!

    The velvety blanket in blue

    31. A cool mist humidifier that will stop you from waking up with a dry, red nose every morning. Ever since I implemented this gadget into my daily life, my ultra-dry skin has *finally* experienced some relief.

    The humidifier behind a happy mom and son

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