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    30 Halloween Costumes From Walmart That Are Both Easy And Fun

    You still have time to snag a fun costume.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A lightweight, Mona Lisa costume to show off that winning smile of yours.

    mona lisa halloween costume

    2. A no-fuss, pumpkin poncho that can easily be thrown on over your favorite trusty pair of leggings.

    model wearing orange pumpkin-shaped poncho costume

    3. A pink, tulled gown and a matching, headband-crown for the little Princess Peach in your life.

    pink princess dress on kid model

    4. An iridescent witch hat for those who hate dressing up. Throw up your favorite black outfit, and, voila, you're a witch!

    black witch hat on model

    5. Or if you *live* for a head-to-toe costume, then this storybook witch costume might be just what you need!

    witch costume on model

    6. A pirate dress with a matching belt that will have you ready to sail the seven seas.

    pirate costume on model

    7. A cow onesie for a festive costume that's as comfortable as your tiny human's favorite pajamas.

    cow costume on toddler model

    8. A Little Red Riding Hood costume, with a faux, lace-up dress and a matching capelet, that both adults and kids will be sure to recognize.

    little red riding hood costume on model

    9. A banana costume, complete with a bright yellow peel and a cheerful face cutout, for anyone looking to add a healthy dose of humor to their Halloween festivities.

    banana costume on model

    10. A Nightmare Before Christmas, microfleece onesie that is *dying* to be worn for a spooky movie marathon.

    nightmare before christmas onesie

    11. A foam tunic depicting the worlds greatest breakfast food: the humble waffle, to show off your love for brunch this Halloween.

    waffle costume on model

    12. An '80s punk costume featuring neon colors and a crossbone print because we all know one decade is better than the rest. This costume includes the patterned, lace dress and leggings.

    80s punk costume on model

    13. A puppy latte costume to take the term "puppachino" to a whole new level.

    dog in latte costume

    14. A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume featuring a padded jumpsuit, a removable shell, and a mask so they can fight the bad guys in style.

    teenage mutant ninja turtles costume on child model

    15. A Christmas poncho for those who are counting down the days until their favorite holiday.

    16. A Bud Light Beer Can dress featuring a pull tab headpiece that is sure to turn heads.

    a bud light can costume on model

    17. A Princess Jasmine jumpsuit and matching headband so you can see a whole new world on Halloween night.

    princess jasmin costume on model

    18. A one-piece Jessie costume so you can dress up like your favorite Toy Story character.

    jessie from toystory halloween costume on model

    19. A Chucky-inspired, overall dress and knee-high socks so you can be the scariest person on your block.

    chucky overall dress with tall socks on model

    20. A Drake the Vampire Squishmallow costume for the kid dying to dress up as their favorite stuffed animal.

    vampire squishmallow costumer

    21. A Wednesday Addams costume that includes a sweater, skirt, jacket, and a collar and tie — all that's missing are the braids!

    wednesday addams costume on model

    22. An inflatable, Mr. Potato Head costume guaranteed to make you the life of the party thanks to its detachable face features.

    mr potato head blow up costume

    23. A Star Trek uniform shirt that will make dressing up as easy as can be — just throw on a pair of black pants are you'll be ready for your next voyage!

    star trek uniform long sleeve

    24. An oh-so-cute butterfly dress with built-in wings for the furry friend in your life.

    butterfly costume on dog

    25. A Mad Hatter costume fit for a tea party in wonderland. This costume includes a printed tank dress, velvet jacket, belt, bowtie, and hat.

    madhatter costume on model

    26. A kids' rainbow witch costume, which includes a dress, hat, and tights, that will have them casting spells and mixing potions all night long.

    rainbow witch costume on child model

    27. A couldn't-be-cuter, poison ivy costume equipped with a patterned, belted dress and matching leggings.

    child model in poison ivy costume

    28. A baby Incredibles costume *so* adorable that it could inspire the entire family to join in for a superhero-themed affair.

    baby in incredibles costume

    29. An easy, yet totally spooky, Freddy Krueger costume sporting the classic shirt and an ultra-scary mask.

    freddy shirt and mask on model

    30. A spider Halloween costume to turn your pet into a creeper crawler.

    dog and cat in matching spider costumes

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