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    Posted on Oct 8, 2015

    24 Signs You Grew Up In Norway In The '90s

    We all skipped a grade in school, and whoever collected the most Nokia 5110 covers won.

    1. This was your weekly allowance.

    2. You remember the arrival of TV2.

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    You and I, and all the primary colors were invited when TV2 began its broadcast on Sept. 5, 1992. The king and queen (with a shawl on fleek) did the unveiling, and they COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED. I dare you to rewatch this glorious moment in Norwegian cultural history.

    3. Gro Harlem Brundtland was the "Landsmoder."

    World Economic Forum / Via Flickr: 15237218@N00

    You never quite understood how she gave birth to a whole country, but you accepted it because SHE was the omniscient Gro, and YOU were just a tiny, Cherrox-wearing Muggle.

    4. This episode of Brødrene Dal ruined your life.


    You didn't sleep for three weeks (and neither did your parents). Damn you, Gaus, Roms and Brummund Dal! May their spectral stones be cut off with a dull pun.

    5. Saturday = Kykelikokos.

    6. You collected napkins.

    7. You collected erasers.

    8. You collected Pogs.

    9. You collected Baywatch stickers.

    10. Long story short: You collected EVERYTHING!

    11. You owned one of these babies.

    12. You'll never forget when Norway won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1995.

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    "Nocturne" has only 24 words in it, but clearly they were the all the right ones (unilke "mil etter mil"). Nobody thought it stood a chance, but your mom let you stay up and watch the show anyway — IF you brushed your teeth first and put on your pajamas. And then Norway won the ESC with a LULLABY! Coincidence?!?!?! Yes...yes, it was.

    13. The Lillehammer '94 Olympics made Norway cool.

    14. Reform 97 made you instantly older.

    Harald Groven / Via Flickr: kongharald

    ...on paper. In 1997, the official school age changed from 7 to 6, and ”I’m so smart I skipped a grade” became the least original joke of the year.

    15. You joined a club.

    16. Fucking Åmål was the greatest movie ever.

    17. And getting "Kjeft" was the best thing ever.

    18. You accessorized with pacifiers.

    19. This trolley brought happiness.

    20. Only your coolest friends got to write in your diary.

    21. This book taught you how to adult.

    22. And this book taught you the word "penis."

    23. The Julekalender ruled Christmas.

    24. Music was numbered.

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