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The Ultimate Proof That Scandinavians Are Obsessed With Eating Balls

Boller, baller, bullar, bollar: Scandinavians go nuts for spherical food.

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Swedish Meatballs / Via

Oh, yes. A real Swede can't celebrate Christmas, much less buy a sofa, without forking down mouthfuls of steamy balls soaked in creamy sauce.

Norwegian Meatballs / Via

Norwegians would want you to know that their balls are bigger than their more famous Swedish counterparts. So big, in fact, they call them meat cakes. Bollocks.

Fish Balls / Via

Fish balls are served soaked in pale, white gravy made from milk and brine, a liquid "strongly impregnated with salt." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Soup Balls / Via

Danish soup balls are made from wheat, and the recipe calls for the dough to be inserted into a "ball squeezer" (a pastry bag of sorts) before they're "cut off with a sharp knife into a pot of simmering water." Ouch.

Wheat Balls / Via

Attend a Scandinavian birthday party or family get-together, and at some point the hostess will announce it's time for "cakes and balls." Just imagine the whole family watching as you sink your teeth into a warm wheat ball. Now that's a party.

Kanelbulle / Via

There's nothing like wrapping your lips around a warm cinnamon ball. Or you can lick the sugar off and dip it in your coffee. Beware of the sticky filling.

Cream Balls

You don't need teeth to dig into these marshmallow-filled jewels. Apply the tiniest bit of pressure with your lips, and you'll have white gooey filling dripping down your chin.

Chocolate Balls / Via

These delicious chocolate spheroids would make Jerome "Chef" McElroy proud. Just don't knead them too long, or they'll get Schweddy.

Ball / Via

The Norwegians dazzle with their superior naming skills. "Ball" is a lone gonad made from a mix of boiled and raw potato (the ingredients are as innovative as the name). Norwegians eat it with a big, salty sausage. Traditionally on Thursdays. Because a big plate of innuendo is exactly what you crave post–hump day.

Round Pieces / Via

In Norwegian, the word for rolls is rundstykker, which literally means round pieces. Just imagine the despair at the naming conference when they discovered "balls" was taken.

Ball-With-Ball / Via

To southern Swedes, one ball just isn't enough. So they've created a local specialty called "Bulle med bulle": a chocolate ball stuffed inside a wheat ball. It's quite the package.

Testicle Tacos / Via

Lamb testicles as taco filling could only be the work of a Swedish chef. The testes were cooked in a coffeemaker(!) and finely chopped. Sounds nuts. But looks like making them was a ball.

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