The 5 Best Sketches From SM:TV Live

Like a good Disney Pixar movie, SM:TV Live was universally loved; by kids for the slapstick comedy and cartoons, and, by adults for the thinly-veiled innuendos… and cartoons. Ant, Dec and Cat’s variety of sketches and characters were comedy gold and here are some of the greatest…

1. Pokéfight

Before every Pokémon episode there was a poké battle between the Geordies dressed as the human characters and using made up pokémons to lower each other’s health until one triumphed.

While Ant pretty much stuck to G-G-Gary, Dec’s best turn was as Misty with her famous line “I’ll never have kids now”. Here G-G-Gary uses the ‘Bryan pokémon’ to take down his female rival, with a little help from an Irish boyband.

No wonder McFadden moved to Australia.

2. The Further Adventures of Cat the Dog

Cat Deeley may be all kinds of beautiful now, but back in her school days she was a bucked-tooth Brummy who made Hermione Granger look like a L’Oreal hair model. Also Dec dominates as Donnelly.

3. Chums

Forget Ross and Rachel. This Friends parody had viewers on the edge of their seats to watch the romance between Cat and Dec never consummate with a kiss… until the very last episode where they finally smooch but Dec runs off with Ant. Soz Cat.. there’s no breaking that bond.


4. Challenge Ant

Technically not a sketch but seeing a grown adult in a red cape try and answer obscure questions from a child proved to be rather hilarious… especially Ant’s thinly-veiled competitiveness.

5. SMTV 2099

Lathered in innuendos between Dec’s Captain and Cat’s silver-haired comms officer, this sci-fi sketch followed the starship’s quest to find new entertainment. Ant’s interior-designer-mode/warrior-mode always got a laugh, especially when he forgot to put his visor down.

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