10 Problems Only Mixed Race Girls Will Get

Is it ‘cause our ethnicity is indistinguishable?

10. There’s never your specific mix on the form so you always have to tick ‘mixed other’

9. People always ask you if you are the same ethnicity as them

If I say I am do I get free chips?

If I say I am do I get a cheaper fare?

8. Before straighteners your hair could never be tamed.

7. People start talking to you in their language and you have no idea what they are saying

6. Body hair is always an issue

5. You’re always stuck being Jasmine/Pocohontas at Disney princess parties

4. Concealers always come up too light or too orange on you

3. You’ve never been to the other country you’re mixed with…

Then people tell you you should go visit that country… like you haven’t already thought about that anyway.

2. If people see you rolling with another mixed race girl they ask “are you two sisters?”

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