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    This DIY Pup Tent Rolls Up In Seconds

    Prepare to be amazed.

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    What you need:

    · 4 - 1x2-inch wood planks, each 4 feet long

    · 2 - 1/2-inch dowels, each 4 feet long

    · 1 - 3/4-inch dowel, 4 feet long

    · Fabric of your choice- 2 1/2 yards long, 45 inches wide

    · 1 foot - 1/2 inch wide elastic, divided into 4 pieces.

    · 2 - 24-inch pieces of ribbon


    1. Drill a 3/4 inch hole, 2 inches from one end of each of the wood planks.

    2. Drill a 1/2 inch hole, 1 inch from the other end of each of the wood planks.

    3. Sand rough edges if needed.

    4. Assemble the tent, sliding the 1/2 inch dowels in the 1/2 inch holes, and the 3/4 inch dowel through the 3/4 inch holes.

    5. Sew elastic on each corner of the fabric.

    6. Find the center of the fabric, and sew a piece of ribbon at each edge. Tie the ribbon around the wooden planks, securing the fabric to the frame.

    7. To take down, remove the fabric, fold in half at the ribbons, and lay on the floor. Take apart all of the wood pieces, and place them at the end of the fabric without the ribbon. Roll everything up, and tie into a bundle with the ribbons.

    Note: The tent works best on carpet/outside.

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