Two Appetizers That You Must Serve At Your Thanksgiving Dinner This Year

Gobble, Gobble, GOBBLE.

1. First, kick your cheese platter up a notch and get festive. This platter is sure to get all your guests trotting prior to dinner.

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To prepare this masterpiece: layer crackers, assorted meat, and assorted cheeses in an arch. Cut out a circle for the body, turkey feet, a beak, and eyes from a slice of cheese, and place on top. Use a slice of pepperoni or salami for the head.

2. And for the veggie crowd, give your guests this fantastic turk-veggie spread to gobble down on turkey day.

BuzzFeedTasty / Via Facebook: buzzfeedtasty

To make this arrangement: Mix 16oz sour cream with 1 package of onion soup mix. Place on a tray, and layer kale and veggies in an arc around the dip. For the “turkey,” take a small yellow squash and cut out slits for eyes and a beak. Push pieces of carrots in the holes, and use red bell pepper for the snood and feet.

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