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Five Bizarre Addictions The People Of This Earth Have

When you have an addiction, you will find yourself experiencing a very strong and often quite harmful need to have a particular thing or do a certain thing as often and as quickly as possible. Most people associate the word addiction with things such as drugs or gambling. In reality, there are many people with quite unusual addictions.

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Animal Hoarding

This normally happens to people who have a genuine love for animals when they find it impossible to stop taking animals into their care. Many people end up taking in stray animals until it gets to the point that their home is overrun with these animals, and it is no longer possible for the hoarder to care for these animals properly. In these cases, you will often find sick animals, starving and living in their own filth. These living conditions also lead to illness for the hoarder and others living in the home.

Video Gaming

These aren't just for kids any more. Those addicted to this hobby often find themselves gaming around the clock, losing sleep, skipping meals and even unable to go to school or their jobs. There are even cases where people have been jailed for child neglect because they couldn't leave their game long enough to care for their minor children. In extreme cases, those addicted begin to identify their reality with what is happening in the video game.

Bath Salts

While substance abuse has always been high on the list of addictive behavior, the use of bath salts as a means to get high is a newer form of substance abuse. This is not the actual bath salt you would use for your bath water. It is an amphetamine-like stimulant found in the Khat plant that users take orally, inhale or inject. Unfortunately, many users experience agitation, paranoia, delirium, psychosis and even death.


This addiction is known as pagophagia, and it refers to the addiction to eating frozen water. While chomping on ice is really bad for your teeth, this condition is also often an indicator that you may be anemic.

Plastic Surgery

Many people have their first plastic surgery in an effort to change something they feel is an imperfection. Unfortunately, this can sometimes spiral out of control and lead to multiple surgeries. In many cases, those addicted to plastic surgery will have so many surgeries that they end up completely unrecognizable.

Just about anything done to excess can become an addiction. Try to remember that everything should be done in moderation, and you should not experience any problems with an addiction. If you are in need of rehabilitation contact the Palm Beach Institute in Florida and start living a healthy life.

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