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    9 Reasons You Should Hire A Plumber. For Real.

    There are some things that a person should just leave up to the professionals. Plumbing, the art of maintaining the separation of poop and shower water, is one of those things.

    Plumbers are there to walk you through the process of diagnosing and fixing your piping and water supply, so...

    ...rather than looking like this every time you try to repair the bathroom or kitchen:

    You look like this:

    We know how it is. Sometimes you watch a YouTube video and think you're an expert all of a sudden:


    The truth is, there are MANY things that can go wrong when "Do It Yourself-ers" try to tackle plumbing repairs without the supervision of an expert. Here are just a few of them:

    1) You try to fix a running toilet but you create a geyser that rivals Old Faithful instead:

    2) You realize that you didn't shut the water off before you started making minor adjustments:

    3) Of course, sometimes you just can't manage to fit a faucet over the sink, at all:

    4) Fixing hot water is not as easy as it looks:

    5) Your "guesstimate" of water tubing didn't quite match up, turning your bathroom into a scene from Alice in Wonderland:

    6)You try to pump a septic tank and the septic tank ends up pumping you instead:

    7) You attempt to fix a clogged up toilet, but instead make your apartment or office building sound like the wet season in the Amazon rain forest:

    Be a good neighbor. Just hire a plumber.

    8) When your drains fail and your entire basement level floods:

    Pro tip: Do NOT, ever, walk around in a flooded basement and start tinkering with the fuse box that powers your house. Water and electricity do not mix well.

    9) And finally, kitchen sink and poop.

    Two things that should NEVER have to be used in the same sentence. Ever. Even when it involves this kid doing a much-needed dance number to wrap up the video coverage of the disgusting plumbing disaster.

    Congratulations! You are now an expert in knowing what you don't know. Now get out there, and find yourself a real plumber, and relax knowing that whatever is broken, you won't be making it worse.

    You can thank the guys at Brothers Plumbing in Toronto for the valuable information you just digested.

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