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10 Riveting Ways To Destroy Your Windshield

Anyone can destroy their windshield through a basic car accident or a crack that they didn't get fixed. However, those simple methods of windshield destruction aren't very impressive. Here are ten ways to destroy your windshield that put those simple fender benders and cracks to shame.

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Put A Kitten On Your Dashboard

This isn't actually real. It's a clip from the upcoming summer blockbuster, Kitten vs. Windshield Wipers: The Final Battle.

... Or Put a Full-Grown Cat on Your Hood

When it comes to epic windshield wiper battles, never go full cat. The results can be disastrous. You'd have a much better time just letting Fluffy get behind the wheel, see?

Get on Some (Surprisingly Stealth) Russian Cops' Bad Sides

Lesson learned: Never find yourself on bad terms with Russian cops, because Russian cops are ninjas.

Use Gasoline for a Carwash

She must have loved the gasoline scented wash.

Park Below The World's Clumsiest Cat

Mittens might not look before he leaps, but at least he always sticks the landing.

Hang Out With This Guy

"I didn't say you couldn't break my windshield with the sheer force of your bald head, Steve, I said you shouldn't."

Not Watch The Road During The Zombie Apocalypse

Seriously, Lori? You're driving literally, like, one of maybe seven cars still on the road on the entirety of planet earth.

Attempting To Wipe Away Snow Immediately After Getting Dumped

Honey, that's not going to bring him back. It's just going to seriously mess up your ride, okay?

Owe This Guy Money

That's one way to collect when your buddy never pays you back for his share of last Saturday's pizza.

And Finally... To Avoid Destroying Your Windshield, Don't Be In The Way When Vin Diesel Makes an Epic Landing

Oh, Vin...

If you can steer clear of these situations, you'll avoid a windshield disaster. However, feel free to let this bird hang out on your windshield wipers. He ain't hurtin' anyone. He just wants to watch you drive.

If you can’t avoid these situations, don’t panic…

All-West Glass Ltd. in Edmonton can get your windshield fixed up in a jiffy.

See? No harm, no foul. And as a bonus, you get a totally fun little road trip buddy. Not like those windshield-destroying cats.

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