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10 Riveting Ways To Destroy Your Windshield

Anyone can destroy their windshield through a basic car accident or a crack that they didn't get fixed. However, those simple methods of windshield destruction aren't very impressive. Here are ten ways to destroy your windshield that put those simple fender benders and cracks to shame.

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... Or Put a Full-Grown Cat on Your Hood

When it comes to epic windshield wiper battles, never go full cat. The results can be disastrous. You'd have a much better time just letting Fluffy get behind the wheel, see?

If you can steer clear of these situations, you'll avoid a windshield disaster. However, feel free to let this bird hang out on your windshield wipers. He ain't hurtin' anyone. He just wants to watch you drive.

See? No harm, no foul. And as a bonus, you get a totally fun little road trip buddy. Not like those windshield-destroying cats.

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