12 Terrible Traits Of Swimmers

Does your skin wreak of chlorine? Are you socially awkward? Do you think its okay to pee in pools? Then you must be a swimmer.

1. Your tan lines look like this

But really…who actually has time to tan this much when two-a-days are a lifestyle

2. You get pissed at people for loving Micheal Phelps and Ryan Lochte when they don’t even know how to dive off of a block

Yes they both are pretty tasty and have bad boy mentalities…but come on ladies (and guys) you don’t even like getting your hair wet when you go swimming.

3. You can swim multiple miles during a practice…but running is out of the question.

You thought you were in perfect shape, until you began to run.

4. Fastskins = Peeing in the pool

But lets face it, you pee in the pool even when you are not in a fastskin

5. That beautiful shade of green you get in your hair

Definitely not a myth.

6. You get mistaken for a gymnast because of your massive shoulders

Halter tops are a no.

7. If you’re a guy, people assume you stuff

Nobody like a liar.

8. Walking around half naked is totally normal

Clothes are overrated anyway.

9. Shaving your arms normal.

In fact, shaving your entire body is encouraged.

10. There is nothing worse than a warm pool at a meet.


11. You basically want to scratch the feet off of the person in front of you if they are going too slowly.

Move bitch!!

12. You hate this guy.

Thanks for the DQ, BRO!

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