Nov 2016
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    hannahtb commented on 26 Disturbing Documentaries That'll Make You Sleep With The Lights On

    Absolute travesty that “Dear Zachary” didn’t make this list. Tragic true crime woven with interpersonal conflict and true human connection. Easily one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen


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    hannahtb commented on 24 Pet Peeves People Are Sharing That Will Make You Feel Seen

    The “no problem” thing is so fucking dumb and anyone who complains about it is too. It’s just a phrase, and they’re saying it not because you were a “potential problem” but because assisting you is absolutely no trouble, and that’s what they’re trying to convey


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    hannahtb commented on Todrick Hall Spilled A Load Of Secrets About Taylor Swift And The Tea Is Scalding

    Lol @ y’all in the replies, they’re not “bringing in the race card”. There are many phrases in pop culture that originate straight from AAVE that white people love to use bc they’re funny af, including things like “tea”, that ain’t it chief, snatching someone’s wig, etc. All this… 


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    hannahtb commented on Tell Us Why You Stayed With Your Significant Other After They Cheated

    I stayed because I was too afraid to leave for fear that I would never find love again. The trust seemed to come back over time, but a year later I realized I was still holding onto that pain and I decided to end the relationship. For me cheating is something you can’t come back from.… 


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    hannahtb commented on 13 Things No Thin Person Will Ever Experience

    No one is saying it’s insulting to get weighed or be asked, the author means that often doctors are not very tactful with overweight people and broach the subject uncomfortably/awkwardly (as if being overweight is this hideously embarrassing thing that must be approached with an excessive… 


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    hannahtb commented on 13 Celebrity Couples Who Have Actually Lasted For Ten Years

    I’m kind of bummed Heidi and Spencer are on here since Spencer was kind of an abusive asshole who isolated her from her friends


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    hannahtb commented on Share Your Best Tips For Improving Your Sex Life

    Start off with however many minutes of foreplay you think you need, and then double it. Even if you feel like you or your partner don’t absolutely need it, it’s worth it. It will leave you desperately needing each other, and takes the sexual tension to a whole new level


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    hannahtb commented on OMG These Six Women Showed Up To A Wedding Dressed Almost Exactly Alike

    I think this adorable but that dress is ugly af ?


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    hannahtb commented on 21 Things People With Anxiety Want You To Know

    I just want to add, as a person with severe anxiety who is prone to anger and frustration during an episode, that it's not okay to be mean or rude to people simply because you're having an episode or anxiety attack. Even if the anger and short temper is because of your anxiety, you… 


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    hannahtb commented on What Products Made You Learn To Love Cooking?

    I was always more of a baker as a kid, but would often hover around my dad whenever he cooked. After his suicide in late 2015, I explored cooking as a way to feel closer to him and to express myself. Many small memories fading away over time has given me a great deal of anxiety, but… 


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