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The Government Just Signed Off On Plans For A Mine To Avoid A Disaster Of Its Own Making

A critical question has not been answered: how will the mine eventually be closed?

Hannah Ryan • One day ago

There's A Plan To Ban Sex-Selective Abortions In NSW. Some Experts Are Warning Against It.

"Sex-selection abortion bans come from the toolbox of the anti-abortion movement."

Hannah Ryan • One day ago

New Zealand Said Australia’s Visa Cancellation Policy Is “A Rub” Between The Two Countries

“Only 1% of total deportations from New Zealand are to Australia, while more than 50% of total deportations from Australia are to New Zealand.”

Hannah Ryan • 2 days ago

A Politician's Tweets About Catching The Train Were Used To Identify Him In "Anonymous" Data

"It's easy to imagine how information like this could be used by people who might want to cause harm."

Hannah Ryan • 6 days ago

A Huge Banking Scoop Was Almost Never Published After Police Raids Freaked Out The Whistleblower

Award-winning journalist Adele Ferguson says the controversial raids have made it harder to do investigative reporting.

Hannah Ryan • 6 days ago

One Woman Was Killed And Another Injured In Central Sydney Before Bystanders Detained The Knife-Wielding Suspect

NWS police said the man had a history of mental health issues, but that it was too early to determine a motive for the attack.

Hannah Ryan • 8 days ago

This TV Network Aired Undercover Footage Of A Candidate In A Strip Club. Then It Heard From The Government.

The government told Nine to brush up on its legal obligations under the Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme.

Hannah Ryan • 8 days ago

Asylum Seekers In Papua New Guinea Will Have To Give Up Phones As They’re Forced Into New Holding Cells

The men have been told to surrender their mobile phones and medication, and that they will not be able to leave their rooms.

Hannah Ryan • 9 days ago

A Mining Company Screwed Up, Massively. Now A Town Is Fighting For Its River

A big mistake means Glencore's McArthur River Mine will need 1,000 years of monitoring once digging stops. The government is about to decide if it can keep mining.

Hannah Ryan • 10 days ago

A Coroner Advised How To Stop Refugees Dying In Detention A Year Ago And The Government Still Hasn't Responded

The government said it would respond to the findings of the inquest into the death of Hamid Khazaei by the end of 2018.

Hannah Ryan • 26 days ago

This Woman Doesn't Have To Delete Her Instagram Selfie With Kylie Jenner, A Judge Has Ruled

The selfie was the modern-day equivalent of an autograph, the judge decided.

Hannah Ryan • One month ago
Hannah Ryan • One month ago

This Man Is Accused Of Underpaying His Nanny By Over $150,000 In One Year

The nanny worked seven days a week and had two days off in a single year, the Fair Work Ombudsman alleges.

Hannah Ryan • One month ago

The Government Asked Asylum Seekers About Their Sex Lives, Then Fought To Keep The Interviews Secret

A government employee asked two asylum seekers for intimate details. The government didn't want you to know about it.

Hannah Ryan • One month ago

The First Medevac Report Shows An “Unbelievably High” Number Of Mental Health Admissions

Exclusive: A government report has revealed the “unbelievably high” rate of medical admissions for refugees suffering mental illness on Nauru.

Hannah Ryan • One month ago

This Man Wants Australians To Pay For Their Train Tickets... With Their Faces

The NSW transport minister likened the plan to Amazon's "Just Walk Out" technology.

Hannah Ryan • One month ago

You Will Soon Vote On Whether Indigenous Australians Should Be Recognised In Our Constitution

"The national interest requires a new relationship with Indigenous Australians."

Hannah Ryan • One month ago

Here's How Much Effort Border Force Is Putting Into Recruiting You

Australian Border Force gave me 107 pages of documents about this 700-word article.

Hannah Ryan • One month ago

This Kidney Patient Thought Her Life Was At Risk. She Says Her Local Health Clinic Refused To Help

Many people living in remote communities can't get dialysis there — even though they say being on country helps their health.

Hannah Ryan • 2 months ago

With Nowhere Else To Go, This Dialysis Patient From A Remote Community Has Spent Years In A Short-Stay Hostel

“Some of us mightn’t be alive” by the time they get public housing, one dialysis patient said.

Hannah Ryan • 2 months ago