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Please Only Call 000 About The Coronavirus If You Have A COVID-19 Emergency

"South Australian Emergency Services are being inundated with TRIPLE ZERO calls from the public, wanting information and advice about COVID-19."

If you're a bit nervous about this whole coronavirus thing and you want a bit more information or advice, that's cool. It's understandable. Inevitable even!

There are places Australians can go for information. is a big one. Your state or territory's equivalent website works too. Just google "COVID-19 and [insert the name of your state or territory]." Trusted media, like BuzzFeed News, is another source.

If a friend or relative who is not very online needs help, give them the number for the Coronavirus Health Information Line: 1800 020 080. You could also ask your doctor.

But please, for the love of God, don't call triple zero to pick someone's brain about COVID-19.

South Australia Police says the state's emergency services are being "inundated" with calls from people wanting information and advice about the virus.

You should only call the emergency line in an emergency! As South Australia Police put it on Facebook, if you call and it's not an emergency, "you are putting lives at risk because you are redirecting crucial emergency resources".