The “Baby-Sitters Club” Guide To Babysitting

Taking the Baby-sitters Club TV show out of context and using it to teach you about important things. Babysitting!

1. Be proud of where you come from.

You go, Dawn!

2. Only take on what you can handle. Or else you’ll get stuck with having boys help you babysit.

Time to let some kids go.

3. And boys are not always good baby-sitters.

That plan has a lot of holes in it.

4. They have a way of disappointing you.

Oh good!

6. Make sure your clients trust you.

A life without the Baby-sitters Club would be no life at all.

7. Assert yourself as the baby-sitter.

Listen to them, kids, they’re cool and 90’s.

8. And make sure the kids know their place.

Or starring in a horror movie.. I’m not sure..

9. Encourage your charges to dream big.

Dream big, kid, dream big.

10. Come up with fun things to do with the kids.

Wow, all that fun sounds like fun!

11. Be friends with the kids.

I hope I’m dead by then.

12. But not too friendly.

Oh, Mallory…

13. Do what you can to keep your charges happy.

Hope her boyfriend isn’t jealous that the bike got a kiss and he didn’t.

14. Commit yourself to your work.

Isn’t this true for most of us?

15. But don’t work too hard.

Not in this economy.

16. Celebrate your accomplishments.

“Yeah, none of the kids died on our watch!”

17. Stick to your day job.

Leave the sleuthing to Nancy Drew.

18. And last but not least: never stop promoting your services.

Gee, name drop much, Stacey?

For more Baby-sitters Club, check out the show on Netflix or Amazon Instant or Hulu Plus. Or become a member of their Facebook or Tumblr page. Seriously, you can’t away from these girls.

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