The “Baby-Sitters Club” Guide To Friendship

Taking the Baby-sitters Club TV show out of context and using it to teach you about important things. Friendship!

1. Start by gathering a core group of friends.

Smile for the strange man holding the camera!

2. Do fun things together as friends.

3. Be closer than friends.

Not like that, pervs.

4. Create a bond that knows no bounds.

Even in a jail in Mexico.

5. If you’re a real friend, you won’t try to protect their feelings.

“Your haircut is silly.”

6. Be open with one another.

I sense things are getting serious!

7. Take your own friendship advice.

Stacey knows what’s up.

8. Be there for one another.

No exceptions.

9. Acknowledge that you’re awesome as friends.

“We’re awesome.”

10. Have other people acknowledge it as well.

11. Celebrate your friendship.

“Or just until we all go to college and forget about one another.”

12. In conclusion: Be friends forever.

Bonus points if you exchange those cool little handmade friendship bracelets.

For more Baby-sitters Club, check out the show on Netflix or Amazon Instant or Hulu Plus. Or become a member of their Facebook or Tumblr page. Seriously, you can’t away from these girls.

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