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8 Reasons Why Journalists Are Awesome

A lot of people look down on journalists because we don't make a lot of money, we're always in a rush, we're stubborn, etc. I've heard many bad stereotypes, but here's why we're awesome.

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1. Either we are a superhero or we have superhero friends.

Do you even comic book, bro? Journalism is one of the few all-access fields, which is why writers often use it as a knowledge resource for their heroes and heroines. If we aren't a superhero, we definitely have superhero friends who we give inside information to. Although, if you ask any journalist about this we will deny it. Secret identities and all that.

2. We have access to so many things.

Want to see the new Pitch Perfect movie before it's released? I can. Want to get backstage to talk to Jensen Ackles at a "Supernatural" convention? I can. We can get in anywhere. Conventions, backstages, new restaurants, movie screenings before they're released, exclusive interviews, basically anywhere. If anything, you want to be friends with a journalist.

5. If you give us a mystery, we will solve it.

There's a Sherlock Holmes inside each journalist. We love mysteries and we love following the story as it unravels. Have you heard of Watergate? We all aspire to be Woodward and Bernstein.

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