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12 Clone-Swaps Where We Couldn't Get Enough Of Tatiana Maslany

Tatiana Maslany is constantly proving it that she is a wonderfully good actress. Here there are 12 moments from 10 episodes where she rocked our faces, and we can never get enough of it! : D.

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1. Sarah as Beth


On the pilot (101), Tatiana plays Sarah dyeing her hair, practising Beth's signature, and also watching videos of Beth in order to imitate her accent. It is amazing to see the punk-rock-hoe Sarah taking over Beth's life, and in less than 30 minutes of Orphan Black, we already fall in love with Tatiana Maslany's talent.

3. Helena as Beth


On episode 104, Tatiana plays Helena going quiet and discreet in order to make it plausible that she is really Beth. It is so unsettling to see Helena wearing Beth's outfits, and we cannot help ourselves.

4. Alison as Sarah


Still on episode 104, Tatiana also plays Alsion being Sarah during a visit to Kira, who promptly knows she is NOT her mother. It is awesome to see Alison's shocked face at Kira. Tatiana scores again!

5. Sarah as Alison


On episode 106, Tatiana makes Sarah (as Alison) go mad at Donnie, and it is incredible. One of the most famous and fan's favourite scenes of series 1, this moment was both funny and kind of touching. Go, Tatiana!

6. Sarah as Cosima


On the series 2 premiere (201), Tatiana plays Sarah as Cosima, when she manages to infiltrate into a DYAD event, meet & kiss Delphine, hug Leekie and steal his keycard, and confront Rachel. Most of that wearing glasses! Who can stop this chick?

8. Rachel as Sarah


On episode 209, Tatiana makes bad b*tch Rachel pose as Sarah in order to kidnap Kira. Even if Sarah's and Rachel's accents are a bit similar, it is still a hell of a job to make Rachel impersonate someone else. Well done again, Tats.

9. Alison as Sarah and 10. Sarah as Rachel


On the premiere of series 3, Tatiana played Sarah and Alison both posing as other clones AT THE SAME TIME. They, asked to by Delphine, need to trick Ferdinand in order for him not to know what really had happened to Rachel (pencil incident). The scene is fantastic not only because there are two clones interacting, but also because Sarah's impersonation of Rachel goes brutal when she hits Alison's (being Sarah) face. It is amazing. Tatiana scores again!

11. Cosima as Alison


An absolute fan's favourite that created a very popular meme on Internet, Cosima impersonation of Alison on episode 307 was genius. Tatiana made it brilliantly. As Cosima had never impersonated another clone, she quite did NOT do a good job, but we loved it!

12. Helena as Alison


Lastly, when we thought it couldn't get any better, on episode 309, Tatiana nothing more nothing less than played Helena being Alison. She just wanted to get her nitrogen can back, but they threatened babies... So she had to get refund! Helena calling Donnie "husband" and going psycho was simply mind-blowing!

But now I have a question... What should we expect on series 4?!

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