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21 Truly Upsetting Middle Class Gloucester Problems

It's GloucesterSHIRE, darling.

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1. When you're left hanging around at the docks while your plane gets repaired.


2. When you can't find a flat patch for your picnic blanket at the cheese rolling.

3. When you have to frequent regular service stations after experiencing the beauty of Gloucester's M5 station.

Think I've just died and gone to service station heaven. @glouc_services is amazing!

4. That time there was no crema.

5. When you can't find a seat in this glorious establishment.

6. And let's not even get started on how busy the Water Poet's beer garden gets in the summer.

7. When Sainsbury's didn't really understand the meaning of "exotic".

Sainsbury's Gloucester blazing a trail. Ladies & gents from the new world I give you the rare & exotic..... cabbage.

8. When you can't find fresh mussels for love nor money.


9. When Kingsholm sells out of seating tickets so you have to stand in the Shed.

10. The fact that the Docks Food Festival only happens once a year.


11. And the Summer of Sound festival isn't happening at all this year.

12. When you're just trying to quietly catch up on the Guardian.


13. When you have to drive all the way to Cheltenham for the cinema. / Via

Screening rooms, hello!

14. And the Waitrose.

15. This day.

16. The fact that Gloucester College shed its "Gloscat" title after you'd left.

17. That time during the infamous 2007 floods when your Volvo engine flooded. Nightmare.

18. When you forgot about the grand opening of Cheltenham's Whole Foods.

19. Every time you see that CD rack sculpture thing on Southgate Street and wonder why it exists.

20. When your favourite Friday farmer's market stall is all out of olive bread.

21. But worst of all, when Harry Potter was filmed at Kings and your class didn't get picked to play extras.

Warner Bros. /