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10 Must-Have Items For Every Aspiring Indian Cook

The top ten best gifts for curry lovers and those who love experimenting in the kitchen. Just make sure you get a dinner invite in the new year.

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Masala Dubba

Hari Ghotra / Via

Every chef needs a Masala Dubba - it's the place to keep all your must-have Indian spices like cumin seeds, turmeric and garam masala. Say goodbye to those barely-used-back-of-the-cupboard spice pots.

Spice Grinder

John Lewis / Via

The secret to creating aromatic and full-of-flavour curries is to buy spices whole and grind them as and when you need them. The Cuisinart Grinder (available at John Lewis) grinds to a lovely fine powder.


Spices of India / Via

Know someone who loves mopping up curry sauces with Roti? A Tava could be the perfect present for them. It's unique to the world of Indian cooking as the thin metal plate is placed directly on to a flame to ensure that the Roti are soft, light and puff up.

Cast Iron pot

Richmond Cookshop / Via

When it comes to slow-cooking Indian dishes such as Lamb Rogan Josh, using a cast iron pot like the one above adds a special earthiness that you don’t get from other cooking vessels.

Pestle and mortar

Lakeland / Via

Smash and grind anything in a pestle and mortar to really bring out those fresh flavours and fragrances. Use it for everything from spices and seeds to ginger, garlic and chilli. A heavy pestle and mortar is best, as the weight allows for an easier crush.

Rolling Pin

T&G Woodware / Via

You can't roll out those paper thin Roti's without a decent rolling pin. The best type of rolling pin for this job is one with a rotating middle like the one above but a marble one is the next best option.


Steamer Trading Cookshop / Via

Not heard of a Spoonula? These little beauties are going to change your cooking life! A Spoonula is a silicone stirring spoon that finally means an end to the days of stained wooden spoons handles that look awful. As they are made of silicone, they don’t melt, stain or retain cooking smells. They are amazing at scraping down the sides of your pans and scooping sauces together.


The Asian Cookshop / Via

A Karahi is an Indian wok made with cast iron used for deep frying, cooking dry spiced dishes and vegetable dishes. A pan is a must have for Indian dishes but you need to make sure it will work on your hob. They usually have a rounded bottom but flat bottomed ones are available too.

Chopping board

Kinknives / Via

A great chopping board is worth its wait in gold. Chopping boards are really important; choose a board that's non-porous so it won’t harbour any bacteria, stains or odours. This wonderfully thick chunky chopping board makes a great centrepiece in any kitchen.


Harts of Stur / Via

A chef's knives are a personal thing - so make them bright and bold! The Colori range (featured above) are a great choice. They stay sharp, look great and are perfect for everyday use.

The Hari Ghotra website

Hari Ghotra / Via

Modern technology means that we're stepping away from the traditional cookbook and we're searching online for recipes. Give someone the best foodie gift they'll ever receive; knowledge of the Hari Ghotra website - filled with fantastic Indian recipes.

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