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Taylor Tumblr Syndrome (TTS)

It's the epidemic of the 1989 era.

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If you don't know it by now, Taylor Swift has the greatest fandom to ever exist. Take one look through her Tumblr page and you will find an endless amount of dedicated fans blogs that she has taken the time to read and respond to.

So what do you call that moment when your obsession with getting noticed by T Swift herself gets out of control? Taylor Tumblr Syndrome. Otherwise known as TTS.

One minute, you're just casually searching your activity and then boom. It just hits you like a train. Thee Taylor Swift has liked one of your posts. All chill is lost.

If for any reason Taylor Swift decides to like or re-blog one of your posts... There is no telling what the consequences will be.

Side effects of the syndrome may include full body cold sweats as well as incoherent sentences, uncontrollable shaking and painful self re-blogs.

Cat videos and awkward dancing may occur more frequently in those who suffer worsening conditions.

TTS should be carefully monitored as victims of this syndrome can die at literally any moment.

To find all side effects and see if you are a victim of TTS, you can watch the entire video here....

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