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Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Awkward Run In

Running into an ex in a small space is always a really good time and never awkward.

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Safe to say this is the first time I have ever felt like Taylor Swift is actually a real twentysomething girl like the rest of us. Last night both Taylor and Harry attended lead singer of Kings Of Leon, Caleb Followill's, birthday party at the Sunset Marquis hotel. This wouldn't be SO awkward if they didn't run into each other in the front lobby. Which wasn't very big might I add.

How did T Swift handle the situation? By spending 99% of the encounter checking out her phone! She is one of us after all!! Because we all know the way to handle any awkward encounter is to send that fake text, read that fake important email and/or scroll through our Facebook feeds trying to pretend you don't want to currently jump off a building.


Check out the full encounter here...

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*Honorable mention to the paps commentary during this video*

*Dishonorable mention to the pap who DIDN'T TURN HIS FLASH OFF and ruined this video for all of us*

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