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Parenthood Grants Our Wishes On Thursdays Episode

Warning: Don't watch Parenthood after getting a spray tan. It WILL leave streaks all over your face. *Spoilers Ahead*

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Unlike last weeks Parenthood episode, the tears streaming down my face and ruining a perfectly good spray tan were happy tears. With only two episodes left, Parenthood is beginning to wrap up the stories of many relationships on the show and unlike many other series endings they are seemingly giving the fans what they want.



I was going to have some serious emotional issues if I didn't see these two get back together. In last nights episode, we see Joel and Julia finally discuss where their relationship is going... only after spending another night together and ALMOST getting caught by little Sydney. They both came to the conclusion that they need to work HARD to make their marriage work and Joel promised he would never give up on Julia again... cue the waterworks. However, Julia wanted to make sure to keep the kids in the dark about their decision until they were 100% sure they could make it work. Fastforward to the end of the episode where Joel shows up to the ice skating rink where Julia is with the kids. There is definitely no hiding it anymore, they kiss on the ice and we see the kids excited reaction when they realize what is going on. My reaction? Streaky spraytan tears.


Sarah and Hank might be the most odd couple that I cannot get enough of. In last weeks episode we saw Hank break all of his communication barriers and propose to Sarah. The issue with the proposal? It was outside of the Emergency Room where her father was being treated for a heartache.

In last nights episode, we see Sarah weigh the pros and cons of her relationship with Hank and if she could really see herself with him for the rest of her life. The deciding factor (and a great deciding factor, indeed) was the moment she walked into her pregnant daughters apartment to see that Hank had assembled the worlds most impossible crib for her. Right there, on Ambers apartment floor, Sarah accepted Hanks proposal. And I once again cried proving I should no long be allowed alone.


Danny Feld / NBC Danny Feld

Thursdays episode opened with Adam making the decision to take the insurance money from The Luncheonettes break-in and start over again. Which seems like the obvious choice for any smart family man, however we all know how much The Luncheonette means to Crosby. So basically, Adam broke Crosbys heart. Damn it, Adam. We see Crosby break the news to Jasmine and it is clear how distraught he is and how awful it is for her to see him that way.

Thank the lawd for Jasmine - Mid episode she pays a visit to Adam to beg for him to reconsider his decision. Against Kristina's wishes, Adam does reconsider and in the end decides to keep The Luncheonette with his brother. Not only because it was something he enjoyed but because when he was struggling Crosby saved him with this business plan and Adam wants to do the same thing for him. Again. Waterworks.

While Thursdays episode gave us the answers to so many questions we had, there is still so much left to pack in to the final two episodes.

Will Amber have her baby? Is it a boy or a girl? Will her baby daddy get healthy and help her raise him/her? What will happen with Zeeks heart? Will he get the surgery? Or not?

SO MANY QUESTIONS, SO LITTLE TIME. Don't leave us Parenthood. #BravermansForever

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