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Top Five Best Movies that Feature Jerry Seinfeld as the Voice of a Bee

Sit down and buckle the fuck up.

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This is the list. Deal with it!

To Be(e) or Not to Be(e) (1942)

If you look very closely at the remastered version of this war drama, you might find a certain someone going off about Poland and what it's deal actually is.

A Bug's Life (1998)

This 90s classic had two (count 'em before DeVos can sink her claws into ya. Hurry!) Seinfeld alums at the helm, with Julia Louis-Dreyfus providing the vocals for Atta and Jerry going where no upper-class, straight, white man has gone before: voice acting. Incredible. It's hard to imagine the level of professional bravery it took to break into a field that's dominated by people just like him. It takes a certain amount of character to go with the grain instead of against it. Amazing. Simply amazing.

Les Misérables (2012)

I admittedly fell asleep for forty-five minutes while watching this movie, but if the dumb fuckers who made this movie are willing to give Russell Crowe a go, it would come as no surprise that they would let Jerry take a shot at leading the French revolution.

Bees in Honeycombs Getting Honey (2012 – 2012)

2012 was a big year for Jerry. His popular web series Comedians and Cars Getting Coffee made its debut. The same year Jerry's lesser-known side project, Bees in Hives Getting Honey, made its way into the hearts and honeycombs of bee-lovers alike. The show only lasted one season, but the impression it made will truly last a lifetime. We know it's not technically a movie, but this is such a niche category, we figure we would let it slide.

That Thing with That Guy, You Know the One (????)

Wow, I just love this one. It has that guy in it from that other thing you like. No, not that thing. I'm talking about the thing we saw when your sister was in town and you were like "Let's watch something with Jeremy Piven" and your sister was like "Why don't you stick a sewing needle through my cerebral cortex? That would be less painful" and you two had that big fight. And now there's the restraining... you know what, it's not important. But we did eventually watch that thing and boy it was a great thing.

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