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16 Times The New Brooklyn Whole Foods Went Too Damn Far

Wtf is an exotic foraging kiosk.

So. Whole Foods opened up a shiny new store in a shiny new complex in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

It's been kind of a big deal.

Here are the highlights:

1. This floor-to-ceiling shrine to La Croix.

2. The mileage on these frozen kale smoothies.

3. The fact that meat alternatives are stored right next to desserts.

4. This ~forager~ app, where you can special-order exotic produce.

5. The in-store smoothie bowl station...

6. Not to be confused with the vegan and paleo parfait bar...

7. Or the custom-order poke bowl bar...

8. Or the all-vegetarian (?!) burger counter...

9. OR the goddamn lobster cart.

10. This very intentional misspelling.

11. This attempt to be just like the local coffee shops.

12. The butcher observation room.

13. This weird identity crisis.

14. The 18 kinds of craft beers and local wines on tap.

15. These labels.

16. This ~sprouted~ granola.

Happy shopping, Williamsburg.