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What Are The Best Vegetarian Burgers In NYC?

You don't have to be a meat lover to be a burger lover.

Burgers don't need beef to be delicious. Every vegetarian will tell you that.

rebecccajk / Instagram / Via

Oh hey, cheesy Shake Shack 'shroom.

Even carnivores can appreciate a nice, carb-y veggie burger. They're a comfort food in a class of their own, and it's time they get the credit they deserve.

kellyreillyrdn / Instagram / Via

This must be the reason for the lines at by CHLOE.

So, we want to know: Where is your favorite vegetarian burger in New York?

skwareek19 / Instagram / Via

Is this No. 7 Restaurant rendition a contender?

Is there a chickpea pattie that has stolen your heart?

wfmbrooklyn / Instagram / Via

Whole Foods Brooklyn has only been open, like, two days, and this baby is already a drawcard.

Or a place with your favorite cheese, or sauce?

superiorityburger / Instagram / Via

Who makes the best vegetarian burger in NYC?!

fooodieventure/ Instagram / Via

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