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Updated on 2 Sep 2020. Posted on 1 Mar 2016

We Visited Sydney's New Nutella Café To See What All The Fuss Is About

The man that brought Nutella doughnut milkshakes to the world is about to change your life again.

If you've been on the internet in the last six months, chances are you've come across one of these Nutella-filled doughnuts, affectionately known as Tella Balls.

When Tella Ball inventor and owner of Erskineville's Foodcraft Espresso and Bakery, Aki Daikos decided to put one of his doughnuts on top of a milkshake, the world lost its shit.

Now, the dessert bar Aki announced last October is finally open, and everyone should get ready to lose their minds once again.

Hannah Mars

Tella Balls Dessert Bar opened this week in Dulwich Hill.

"Tella Balls put us on the map, but we're not just a Nutella bar," Aki tells BuzzFeed Life. "We’re a one stop shop for dessert. We want to create something for the sweetest people.”

Hannah Mars

"The products that we use are things that people loved growing up: Maltesers, Kit Kats, Oreos. We turn all those old school flavours into desserts," says Aki. And yes, those are pancakes topped with Maltesers.

The menu just gets sweeter and sweeter. The Tella Lasagna, for example, includes layers of Nutella mousse, whipped cream, and chocolate biscuit.

Hannah Mars

You can get it to take away, but it's served with a scoop of vanilla bean gelato when you eat in, so it's a good idea to schedule a visit when you've got enough time to take a seat.

Speaking of gelato, Aki's favourite menu item is the Gelat-Dough, a concept he came up with while travelling around Europe. "It tastes like a gelato-flavoured doughnut," he says.

Hannah Mars

And it looks pretty af.

One of the two menu pages is dedicated to the house-made Belgian waffle, crepe, and pancake options. The Choc Art Waffle is literally swimming in melted chocolate.

Hannah Mars

Because really, what more could you want on a waffle?

The two-stack Tella Trella Pancakes have Nutella swirled into the batter, and layered in between.

Hannah Mars

And of course, you can still get the original Tella Ball shake. There are also Crazy Cronut shakes available, with salted caramel and pretzel flavour as an added bonus.

Basically, if you like chocolate or Nutella or desserts, you should get to this place immediately.

Hannah Mars

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