16 Of The Best Veggie Burgers In NYC

If you don’t want no beef.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us where to get the very best vegetarian burgers in NYC. Here’s what they said:

1. Superiority Burger (East Village)

@eatingintranslation / Via


The superiority burger at Superiority Burger. It has won best burger in NYC twice. Not best vegan burger… Best BURGER. Period.

— D Jill Rosie, Facebook

2. By Chloe (multiple locations)

@joooliaahhh / Via

PRICE: $9.95

By Chloe’s guac burger! Even better if you get it with fancy fries on the side.


3. The Cinnamon Snail (Midtown)

@cinnamonsnail / Via

PRICE: $10.95 - $13

Lookout for the rotating burger specials at this entirely vegan food truck. Pictured is a buffalo chickpea burger with spicy habanero sauce, cajun fried parsnips, arugula, and lemon dill tartar sauce on a grilled pretzel bun.

Hannah Mars

4. Shake Shack (multiple locations)

@mabrycgriffin / Via

PRICE: $6.99

The best veggie burger by far is Shake Shack’s Shroom Burger! It’s a breaded and fried portobello mushroom patty with melted cheese inside. Get it with a shake and You. Are. Livin’.


5. 5 Napkin Burger (multiple locations)

@5napkinburger / Via

PRICE: $14.95

The veggie burger at 5 Napkin Burger. Best veggie burger, hands down.

— Jelani Taina, Facebook

6. Burgerfi (Upper East Side)

PRICE: $6.97

BurgerFi has an amazing quinoa burger! I get it green-style and it comes in a lettuce bun.


7. Westville (multiple locations)

bickheart_healthy / Via

PRICE: $13 for a burger served with fries or mixed greens

The artichoke quinoa burger from Westville has sriracha mayo and is literally to die for.

— Sammie Barkan, Facebook

8. Joy Burger Bar (West Village)

@joyburgerbar / Via

PRICE: $6.95

Joy Burger Bar has a fantastic veggie burger that you can customize any way you like. It never feels like you’re missing out on anything!


9. Toad Style (Bed Stuy)

@toadstylebk / Via


Toad style in Bed Stuy. Literally everything on their menu is amazing.

— Ashley Marc, Facebook

10. Chickpea and Olive (multiple locations)

@candicelynnfitvegan / Via

PRICE: $12

Chickpea and Olive at Smorgasburg. Their phatty burger is phenomenal (it’s actually vegan).


11. Spring Street Natural (NoLita)

@tiffanyfanyyan / Via

PRICE: $14 for a burger and sweet potato fries

The vegan burger at Spring Natural is the best veggie burger I have ever tasted!

— Renate Aavik, Facebook

12. Bareburger (multiple locations)

@dadaeats / Via

PRICE: $9.95

Quinoa burger at Bareburger in a collard green wrap. Add some picked green tomatoes or spicy pickle chips. Salivating thinking of it!


13. Loving Hut (Bushwick)


Y’all keep sleeping on the Loving Hut facon cheeseburger. It’s amazing, and the yam and yucca fries that come with it are a godsend.

— Rebekah Marie Byrd, Facebook

14. EJ’s Luncheonette (Upper East Side)

@2chicksnachef / Via

PRICE: $11.99 for a burger served with French fries or sweet potato fries

The veggie burger at EJ’s luncheonette is incredible!


15. Blossom Du Jour (multiple locations)

@blossomdujour / Via

PRICE: $9.50

The quinoa burger at Blossom du Jour is incredible!


16. Momofuku Nishi (Chelsea)

@thedishelinguide / Via

PRICE: $12 for a burger and fries

Momofuku Nishi is serving up “The Impossible Burger”. You can check out what exactly that means here.

Hannah Mars

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