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17 Inconvenient Things That Will Definitely Happen When You're Sunburnt

It's like The Universe is punishing you for your careless, inefficient sunscreen application.

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2. You have to go to work so you have to wear a bra.

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You're forced to endure the pain or risk flashing the office.

3. And you have a meeting that day you would have loved to look composed and professional for.

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But instead you look flustered and slightly clammy thanks to the moisturiser you have slathered on your face.


10. But no matter how much after-sun lotion you apply, you bloody peel anyway.

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12. The outfit you specifically planned to wear on the weekend is now ruined because it perfectly shows off your sunburn lines.

15. You are forced to participate in activities that require you to sit down.

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Such as, you know, working from a desk. Because who actually has one of those standing desk things.